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Creating Your Own Bulletin

If you wish to design your own bulletin, you must follow these guidelines for your image to be added to the Community Bulletin slide show on the Public television channel.



You must meet all the following requirements for your bulletin to be shown:

Your image must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and must be exactly 1024x768 pixels in size.

The file name may only contain letters A-Z, numerical digits 0-9, and underscores (_).  No spaces are allowed.

Your image must contain proper grammar and spelling, so please proofread your material prior to submission.

Use complimentary and contrasting colors.  Don't put yellow text on a black and white striped background, that's just annoying.

Don't make your text too small.  Make sure the person with the worst quality television in the world can read your bulletin.

As far as the actual content goes, be clear and concise, and always provide adequate contact information within the bulletin. 


Example Workspace

Above is a screenshot from an Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended workspace.  The blue title safes are added as guides for the absolute minimum  amount of space required.  Ideally the empty space should be more, but it was not practical in this example. Notice that the background image is 1024x768 in size.

Remember that in Photoshop, guides like these do not appear when you save the image.


Formatting for Television

Formatting bulletins for television can be tricky because not everyone's television is the same.  Older television screens tend to cut off edges of the screen that newer televisions do not.  This kind of cropping is called overscan.  For this reason, graphic designers use title safes.  They are reference points to help the designers know how close is too close to the edge, just to be safe.

When formatting your bulletin, always remember to leave a fair amount of space between your text and the edge of the screen to ensure that all your text is legible.


Submit Yours Now!

Ready to submit?  Attach your jpeg file to an email and send it to: