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Bulletin Form

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  1. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS.  Your message will simply be reformatted anyway.
  2. There is a strict 300 character limit.  Your message should not be much longer than four lines.
  3. Be sure to be as precise as possible (i.e. provide dates, times, addresses, etc.) and provide at least one form of contact.
  4. Keep words on the same line, it is important not to separate a word at the end of a line.
  5. Messages should be received at least 3 days prior to being shown.
  6. Most messages will be deleted after 2 months, at which time the requester may resubmit the request.
  7. Messages may not be longer than one page.
  8. The Access Director reserves the right to refuse to show any message for any reason.
  9. Anonymous messages will not be shown. All messages must be accompanied by the requester’s name.
  10. By submitting a text-only bulletin, you consent to the use of any publicly-available logos or other media pertaining to the event or your organization to enhance the aesthetic quality for your bulletin.
(The requester’s name does not need to be shown in the message itself.)
These rules were last updated: 11/12/11

The End Date is the last day the bulletin will be shown, thus if your bulletin is advertising an event, the End Date should be that day, or the last day of an event that lasts for more than one day.
Bulletins may air for a maximum of two months at which time the bulletin will be deleted and the requester must resubmit the request, as per the rules above.

All information entered above this line will remain on private file and will not be included in the bulletin.  All information below this line is subject to inclusion in your bulletin.  Be sure to include some form of contact information in the bulletin itself to be in compliance with the submission rules.

*By submitting this form you attest that you will abide by all the rules for bulletin submission as asserted above.
I agree.