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This page of our website is dedicated to get you the help you need to take full advantage of our website.  While we do have a Contact page, we understand that your time is valuable and so we'll do our best to solve your problem right now, instead of waiting for email support.




Find answers to common questions below!

The videos don't play correctly.

I can't stay logged in.


The videos don't play correctly.

The method by which we present our visitors with video content is quite complicated and therefore allows for a sizable margin of error.  However, we strive for compatibility and efficiency and so we usually don't receive complaints about video performance.


  • A message says I don't have Flash Player or HTML5.   This message means that the device you're using: PC, Mac, mobile device, Apple iOS device, etc. does not have the required version of Adobe Flash Player installed.  Do download and install Adobe Flash Player for free, click here.  In addition, there is a new method of playing videos called HTML5 which is, in theory, supposed to be a more open and universal platform.  However, it is still in a testing phase, meaning that compatibility among web browsers is limited.  HTML5 is activated if Flash doesn't work.  If both Flash and HTML5 don't work, you get the error message.
  • The video isn't there at all.  If you only see the video description and comment section but no video, please read the above diagnosis.  However, if you are experiencing this issue with a new video, it could just me we are in the midst of uploading the video, in which case you just have to sit tight and the video should be there within the hour.
  • The video continues to load, but never plays.  This means that the video was processed incorrectly.  In other words, there was a problem on our end that we missed.  So if this happens, let us know via the Live Chat or by email.
  • Any other problem not listed.  There are several other problems that may occur that we can attempt to diagnose.  To submit other problems, contact us via the Live Chat or by email.

I can't stay logged in.

If you're a registered member on the website and would like to remain logged in, tick the box on the login page that requests to remember your information.  You will need to have cookies turned on so the website can remember you.  If you've tried this and you are still getting logged out, try clearing your browser's cache and logging in again with the box ticked.

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