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Frequently Asked Questions about Abington CAM and public access television in general.  Some FAQs adapted from AccessChannel.com.

General Questions

  1. What is public access television?

    Public access programming is community programming on cable TV. It gives you the opportunity to write, produce, direct, and perform in your own programs. People who normally are not allowed easy access to the mass media find a powerful resource for local expression through public access. A majority of public access programs are produced locally by non-professionals.

  2. Who is public access for?

    Anyone with a non-commercial message or idea can present it on the public access channel.

  3. Do I have to pay extra for it?

    Yes, there is a monthly charge on your cable for receiving public access television, but you do not pay for it on any sort of pay-per-view basis.

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Abington CAM

  1. What does Abington CAM stand for?

    Abington CAM stands for Abington Community Access and Media, Inc.

  2. Can I produce my own show?

    Yes, you can!  Members of the community are welcome to help and allow the station to grow and flourish in the town.  Your show can be about anything you want as long as you believe the town can benefit from what you have to offer and as long as it is appropriate for all viewing audiences.

  3. What does it cost to produce a public access show?

    The costs to produce a public access show are minimal.  Instruction is free and the use of facilities and equipment is free.  Any additional costs are up to you - if you wish to invest your money into the production value of your show, you are free to do so.

  4. Can I make money off of my show?

    No, you cannot make a profit from your public access show.  You are also prohibited from using public access equipment and facilities on other projects which can generate revenue.

  5. Can I use my own equipment to produce my show?

    Yes, you may use your own equipment to produce your show.  But the final production must be in a format which is acceptable for playback on the access channel.

  6. Can I have others help me with my show?

    You may have other people help set up furniture, act/perform in front of the camera, help you paint a backdrop for your set pieces, and do any hair and make-up or wardrobe for your on-camera talent (if necessary).  Basically, other people can help you with anything except assume a crew or technical position involving the use of our equipment or facilities until they have been properly trained.

  7. Can I use music or video from other sources in my show?

    As the producer of the show, you assume the responsibility for the content of your show. Therefore, you are responsible for acquiring permission to use anything from other sources in your show, whether it is music, video, photographs, etc.

  8. How long can my show be?

    There is no definitive time requirement for programming.  However, we strongly suggest that your show or visual piece does exceed two hours in order to preserve air time for other community shows and the town bulletin.

  9. How long after I turn in a program can I expect it to start being played back?

    New program submissions will be added to program schedule as soon as possible.  New program submissions must be turned in at least 3 days prior to their start date.  However, there is no guarantee when your show will actually begin playing.

  10. Can I pick the timeslot when my show will play?

    While we will try to accommodate your requests, there are many factors that will determine when your show will play.  Timeslot availability, deck availability, and show content are a few factors that affect when we can play your show.  Some programming will require a later timeslot based on content.  However, there are no guarantees and we will make the final determination on your timeslot.

  11. How can I get a notice on the electronic community bulletin board?

    You can visit our online form for submitting new community bulletins here: http://www.abingtoncam.org/bulletinform.htm.

  12. How can I get more information about Abington CAM?

    You can visit our contact page and send us an email here: http://www.abingtoncam.org/contact.htm.

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