Abington CAM

Community Access & Media


The Abington Community Access & Media, Inc. television studio is now co-located at the site of the Abington High school.

201 Gliniewicz Way, Abington, MA 02351 - Telephone: 781.616.2950

Board of Directors:
Lisa Bezanson, President - lisa@abingtoncam.org
Bob Molloy, Treasurer - info@abingtoncam.org
Peter Walters, Clerk - peter@abingtoncam.org
Jim Connoly - info@abingtoncam.org
Chris Lagambina - chrislagambina@abingtoncam.org

Justin Shannahan, Executive Director - justin@abingtoncam.org 

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To to fill out a community bulletin form, program proposal form, event coverage form, or equipment/studio request form, go to our Forms page.


Map Location

We are located in the new Abington Middle/High School: