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  2. There is a strict 110 character limit.  Your message should not be much longer than four lines.
  3. Be sure to be as precise as possible (i.e. provide dates, times, addresses, etc.) and provide at least one form of contact.
  4. Messages should be received at least 3 days prior to being shown.
  5. Most messages will be deleted after 2 months, at which time the bulletin may be resubmitted.
  6. Abington CAM reserves the right to refuse to show any message for any reason.
  7. Anonymous messages will not be shown. All messages must be accompanied by the requester’s name.
  8. By submitting a text-only bulletin, you consent to the use of any publicly-available logos or other media pertaining to the event or your organization to enhance the design of your bulletin.
The requester’s name does not need to be shown in the message itself.

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